Work From Home (fashion & beauty) Starter Pack

I’ve been working from home the last 2.5 years so I think I’m kind of a pro when it comes to the things you need (at least in the fashion & beauty department) to help you esp. if you’re new to the WFH life. So here are a few things to consider while you’re adjusting to your new home office situation:

Cute Sweatpants & Sweaters:  

I need a lot of sweats. It’s what I wear the most when I’m home. I realized I like to invest a little bit in my sweats so that I’m not buying a ton every few months (the cheap ones tend to lose their shape/softness). I also like it when they match ‘cus it makes life easier and it’s super cute! There’s nothing wrong with looking cute even by yourself at home. Think of it as another form of self-care.

Comfortable clothes:

Not gonna lie, there are days where I only wear sweats… like all day long, but I’m making more of a habit to change out of sweats and into some comfy yet more appropriate “going to work” clothes. Obviously we all aren’t going anywhere for the most part, but I swear the days I do get dressed a little bit, I feel better and more productive. So here’s few things that are comfy and cute, that aren’t sweatpants that you can still wear around the house:

House slippers:

How does one live without house slippers? It’s like I don’t really know a world without house slippers (I know I’m dramatic). I have a ton of house slippers and here are the ones that I personally own and love:  


Lastly, a little self-care is much needed when you’re working from home. It’s tempting to go days without showering, changing your clothes, doing your hair- trust me I’ve been there- but remember doing all these little things is a form of self-care. A little moment of your day to treat yourself. Here are a few of my personal fave skincare essentials to start you off: