where and why we moved!

I have been avoiding the question “where did you move” for so many reasons like privacy but the main reason why I didn’t share was for safety reasons. When we bought our house it was at the height of Asian hate crimes. It was everywhere and it was downright terrifying. I have a public account with thousands of people watching our everyday lives and it just didn’t sit well with me to announce publicly where we were moving to at that time.

Now don’t get me wrong, Asian hate crimes are still happening, but we’ve settled in, feeling a bit more comfortable, and I felt like it was the right time to let you guys in.

Our new home is in Orange County. John and I both knew once we had kids, we’d move to the suburbs. I actually grew up in Orange County and John grew up in the suburbs in Seattle so we knew it was the right place to settle down with kids. Especially after quarantine, I think we realized the importance of being at home and having a lot more space. We live in one of the best school districts in the country (elementary and high school are down the street and is ranked top in the nation), a beautiful friendly neighborhood, and overall a ton more space! Best of all, we’re close to my family and when you have kids, being near family is everything! Just the additional help alone has been life-changing already!

John has fully adjusted to OC life and has been loving it. I’m getting used to it. I definitely miss our old neighborhood and LA in general but OC feels familiar. It’s like I’m back home after 10 years!

Since this isn’t our forever home, LA is always an option in the future so who knows what the next 5-10 yeas will look like down the line. Regardless, I’m excited to bring this house to life!

sources: table, chairs, quilt, wine glasses.