what’s around my house

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Thought I’d put together a few things I have around my house that I get asked the most. Many of my favorite decor items are small vintage pieces that I’ve collected over the years (usually from etsy or ebay. Sometimes it’s the details that elevate your space and can bring life and character into a room.


+ I have been obsessed with finding vintage crystal trays, trinkets, candleholders, and they are a little tricky because can look very expensive or look very cheap. Plus they are one of a kind so even harder for me to link the exact ones I have collected but I have included a few that I recently found. Snag them before they’re gone!

+ My coffee table is from RH. Linking the exact one, I have it in brown.

+ Coffee table books are such a good way to decorate any coffee tables, shelves or credenzas. They’re best when stacked and these are a few of my fave. Such great deals on Amazon!

+ I always gets asked about my green glass tray. I found it on ebay and searched for “green glass vintage ashtray”. This is similar.

+ These cabinet pulls were such a good find! Similar ones can be so pricey, but when you have like 50 pulls to change out, it can add up. Love this affordable option!

+ I could not find chairs for this table for the longest time… until I found these! These chairs from pottery barn are perfect and comfortable.