Thoughts on being thirty-something

I’m unsure how we got here you guys. I swear I was just celebrating my flamingo themed 30th birthday just yesterday and how is it that a full year has already passed by? I don’t even know.

What I do know is the last 365 days of being 30 years old was REAL. It was scary, it was emotional, it was natural, it was unnatural.. it was a lot.

Here are my thoughts on what 30 felt like:

Shit got real. After turning thirty, something in my brain just switched.

My skincare routine is my life. You guys must might think that skincare was something that was always instilled in me. WRONG. In my 20’s skincare never crossed my mind. I never even wore SPF till college and only because my gf Michelle made me! Once I turned thirty, I swear, everything on my face just went south. My cheekbones weren’t as high, my double chin was more apparent, I wasn’t healing from acne scars as fast, everything you can imagine was magnified times a hundred (I’m so dramatic I know). So I stopped wasting money on designer items and did a ton of research on products that would target my problem areas. Even makeup, I stopped purchasing. I mean do I want that $50 highlighter palette or a high-quality vitamin C oil? The choice was easy.

Working out is so necessary. As I get older, I wasn’t as energetic or active as I used to be. After work,  I would spend the remainder of my day on the couch. I didn’t feel good about doing it but I couldn’t get my body to move. Mentally and physically I wasn’t feeling good about myself feeling sluggish. Low energy and being lazy just made me annoyed AF. So now, as long as I can get a work out in three times a week, mentally and physically I’m in a good place. That’s just me.

My body just isn’t the same anymore. Sometimes I feel like a grandma, not gonna lie. I can’t do any HIIT classes anymore because my knees ache, I crave a massage at the end of the month, I can’t I drink alcohol two nights in a row because my body will hate me for it, I have to take probiotics in the morning to help with digestion, sleeping too much makes my body bloat like a balloon… I mean the list goes on.

I watch what I eat. I’ve always been pretty good at eating somewhat “healthy” but this last year I amped it up. I changed to paleo meals during the weekdays and minimized alcohol intake to once a week (sadly, no more happy hours or a glass a wine at dinner). All my food is prepped with way less salt, and now I only purchase organic, non-GMO, preservative free, blah blah blah expensive crap. Yup, I’ve become one of those.

Marriage is what you make it. Last year, we did more date nights and date days than ever before. Instead of just hanging out at home on the weekends, we started planning things. It’s now become a thing, where we try to spend every weekend making new memories or trying new experiences. Keeps things fun and fresh!

All my money doesn’t go to luxury items. I’m at a point where luxury items are within my means. I can purchase the new “It” handbag or that gorgeous piece of furniture from Restoration Hardware but that isn’t my first instinct anymore. My saving account is the first place I want to put all my excess cash. I honestly wish I started saving a lot younger, but hey you live and you learn. Now, I put aside x amount of money every month regardless of any situation so that I’m prepared for our future.

Friendships don’t last forever.  I’m lucky that my close group of friends that are still present in my life. These are the ones that I love and cherish and know the importance of making an effort.

All you hear is babies, babies, & babies. That is the one thing I will say that I’m not ready or preparing for as of NOW. Could that change in a few months? Yes. Do we want kids? Yes! But right now, John and I are just focused on our careers. When the times right we’ll just know, you know!?

All in all, I feel more experienced, more grateful, more confident, more comfortable, more educated, and well, ready for more. 31, here we go!