Third trimester pregnancy update

Can I just say TIME IS FLYING! I’m currently 39 weeks pregnant and I literally don’t know how we got this far so fast.  And while it did feel fast it also feels like I’ve been pregnant forever. FOREVER. Don’t get me wrong I actually enjoyed my pregnancy more than I thought I would. I guess my perception of pregnancy has changed so much now that I’ve actually gone through it. I always thought I’d be stuffing my face with taco bell, gain a million pounds, be totally uncomfortable, and just downright miserable but I’m happy to report that hasn’t been the case for me.

I’m so grateful that pregnancy has been chill. I’m also totally forgetting how hard my first trimester was with all nausea and raging hormones but besides that my second trimester and third trimester have honestly been a breeze. I forget I’m pregnant 90% of the time. Now I’m not here to brag but to share my experience and for anyone who might be afraid of pregnancy or have crazy misconceptions like I did, I’m here to report that it’s been a positive experience for me so far and I hope that it will be for you will too!

Anyways let’s get into a few updates

Weight gain / Diet

Everything has remained the same for me throughout my entire pregnancy. I’m still eating the same portions, continuing to clean and healthy which has been my rhythm my entire pregnancy. I’ve gained 17 lbs total and have one more week to go before baby H arrives. I’ve also stayed the same in weight the last few weeks, Dr says baby is basically taking up all the space in my belly.

I still love salads and fruit but I will say I finally had some fun cravings this third trimester. I had an Oreo craving for a few days. Ate two Oreos at night for dessert and it tasted like heaven! Too bad those cravings left after four days. I also enjoy dark chocolate. I was never a fan of dark chocolate but for some reason I love it! I have small two pieces at night and I find that is more than enough to satisfy. 

Here’s what I usually eat in a day:

  • Breakfast- Unsweetened greek yogurt with berries
  • Lunch- open-faced loaded veggie sandwich or avocado toast with eggs and cheese
  • Snack- Huge protein smoothie was tons of spinach 
  • Dinner- Salad with grilled protein or grilled veggies with no dressing or chickpea pasta with spicy shrimp tomato sauce or open-faced cheeseburger w lots of lettuce and pickles
  • Dessert- Two pieces of dark chocolate or a sugar free fruit popsicle 
  • Late snack- fruit (usually an orange) or cheese w/ GF crackers

*Also been eating 80 grams of dates every day starting at 37 weeks and 3 cups of raspberry leaf tea. If you have no idea why just google it. So many benefits to these when you’re in your last few weeks for labor and delivery*

Working out

I’m still working out 4x a week. It’s definitely was more changing when quarantine happened. I was so used to working out with a trainer, that once we started quarantine I had a hard time motivating myself and getting into the flow of things on my own but I found a few work out apps that I love. I use Melissa Woods Pilates app for my slower-paced work out days (2x), and Sweat app PWR series for my more intense strength training days (2x). I’m still walking an hour everyday either on my treadmill or outside as well. I firmly believe that working out has changed my mindset of giving birth. While I”m still terrified, I’ve built this incredible trust with my body during these last nine months and I’m proud to say that I’m not as afraid as I once was. 

The not so perfect parts of pregnancy 

But as blissful and “easy” as my pregnancy sounds it hasn’t been anywhere near perfect. Third trimester is where I’ve been getting a little more uncomfortable. The belly is much tighter and he loves kicking the sh*t out of my ribs. I’m lucky to say that I haven’t had any trouble sleep at night my entire pregnancy but I’m starting to wake up in the middle of the night shifting back and forth trying to ease the pressure off my belly. I also had severe pelvic girdle pain for a few weeks but that’s now starting to slowly subside. A new symptom I’m dealing with has been carpal tunnel syndrome. My Dr. Advised me to stop using my phone and computer for now but that’s impossible, ya know?! I’m just wearing a hand brace and trying to cope with it as best as possible. It’s crazy that there are so many random strange new pains you feel every day. One day it’s this, and the next day it’s something else that’s in pain. And while I’ve had a positive mindset my entire pregnancy there has also been many moments of the “I’m done, I’m over this” feelings as well.

All in all, pregnancy isn’t easy even for those who have it on the easier side. Growing a human for nine months has been hard yet most rewarding. It’s exhausting yet exciting at the same time. My emotions go from being over it to never want pregnancy to end. It’s wild! Anyways I’m just excited to meet this little guy and can’t wait to start the next chapter of our lives with him. Who knows, he could even arrive tomorrow if he wanted to! I hope you guys enjoyed these pregnancy updates!