Our Stroller & Car Seat

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Can you believe I have a 19 month old? Yeah me either…

Not only do kids grow so fast, they need new gear like every month, ok jk not every month but feels like it. Cassian is basically like a teenager new car seat and since our lifestyle has changed we splurged on a new stroller as well.

Our Car seat:

Obviously wanted something safe first and foremost so we had to do some extensive research (and by we I mean john. In my defense, he’s so much better at it). We also wanted something that was going to be comfortable for Cassian and not super bulky since we don’t drive a mini van lol.

After visiting a few stores and trying out different car seats we loved the Cybex Sirona. One of the key difference between this and any other car seat on the market is the 360 swivel function. It’s just makes it 1000x easy and convenient to get him in and out of the car esp when he’s taking a nap or when he’s being a wild toddler.

Our Stroller:

Ok, I’ll be honest. We didn’t need a new stroller but I just wanted an easy everyday compact stroller. For toddlers, they are always going in and out of their strollers so I just didn’t want to lug around a huge heavy one. On the weekends, we’re usually out in busy areas so I also wanted something slim.

I have always loved the Cybex Mios so when the Mios 2 came out in rose gold and leather trim, I was sold. And out of the five strollers we do own, it’s our favorite one to use. It was also a dream to travel with so that’s a huge plus.

Hope that helps you if you’re looking into converting your baby gear. If you have any questions feel free to DM me!

talk soon xx