Still in Bed.

There’s something about Monday’s that just keeps me stuck to the bed. Although I get up before 8AM to make it to work, I’, usually pressing snooze till 7:50 and then run out the door. Yup, Mon-Fri mornings are usually disoriented and rushed in our household. J and I are just not morning people, and we have no shame. 
Since wedding planning took up most of my 6 months, I’ve finally have the time and energy to start building, or as I like to call it, nesting our home. I’m currently finished up my living room, and now moving on to my bedroom. I figured Mondaze… would be a great way to start finding some inspiration and get this room together 
I’m definitely leaning towards a Tufted bed and some soft neutrals with bold, bright statement pieces. I can’t wait to start building and show you guys! Make sure to follow me on Pinterest for more inspiration 
photos via. pinterest