Preventative skincare: Botox

If you asked me two years ago if I would ever consider botox, my answer would’ve been a firm no. Why? To me, Botox had a bad reputation and it honestly reminded me of the cast of ‘Housewives of Beverly Hills’. I also see a lot of people overuse botox and fillers giving them a frozen face or duck lips. Call me naive or ignorant but that’s all I knew about it and that’s not what I wanted to ever look like ever.

Even just a few years ago, I wouldn’t even spend more than $30 on skincare, and now it’s the only thing I want to spend my dollar bills on. How the hell did this happen you ask? Well, I turned 30, and shit went down, really down. Forehead lines, cheekbones, neck, chin, you name it. Gravity was just pulling everything down. And a lot of it has to do with genetics and a lot of it has to do with me loving to sunbathe in Mexico without sunscreen on. I know I was CRAZY! But this is what all lead me to botox!

Let’s talk Botox:

Botox can be taboo in this industry. Sure we talk non-stop about skincare products, the latest makeup, outfit details, what we’re eating, etc., but what about botox or fillers? People go dark once that subject comes up and I think it’s important to talk about it than to pretend that I just woke up like this…

Botox is more than just looking frozen and expressionless, it’s actually preventative skincare. It’s not going to make you magically 20 years younger, but it’s going to help fill in those wrinkles to prevent them from becoming deeper. With the right Practitioner, you shouldn’t look frozen (unless you’re going for that look then by all means….).

Why I got it done? 

Honestly, I’m obsessed with skincare. I already use tons of products that are excellent for anti-aging, prevent further wrinkles, skin damage, firming, age spots, volume loss, etc. but I wanted to see something a little more immediate. Listen, I live in front of a camera and I can be my toughest critic. Do I think botox is going to make me look picture perfect, no! Nor do I want to look picture perfect. I embrace my wrinkles and my age, but I also wanted to prevent my skin and preserve its youthfulness. It’s all about prevention people!

Where to get botox injections?

First and foremost, find the right practitioner. This is not the time where you want to find the cheapest or deals driven office. This is where you want to find the best of the best.

What I got done:

An average person needs about 25 units of botox on their forehead.  I used 14 units and I learned I need less going forward. It was my first time ever doing botox so I wanted to make sure I could see a difference but the next time I’ll definitely do 8-10 units.

Does it hurt?

Yes and no. I’m a huge baby. I have to do sleep dentistry even for one cavity so overall I’m not good with needles. I just can’t do the pain. But for some reason, Botox was something I just really wanted to experience so I just sucked it up. Luckily for me, the office I go to uses a compounded numbing cream  (basically a strong AF numbing cream) so I felt way more at ease. Plus she ices the area before she injects.

forehead 5/10

Dentist 20/10 (had to include this in here haha!)

It’s not that bad. Trust me! It’s way easier than you think.


Overall I’m so happy I did it! Yes, I was nervous about the pain and about what I would look like after, but honestly, no one could tell. The goal was to look natural and myself with some minor tweaks and enhancements. And more importantly, prevent wrinkles from forming deeper and deeper.


Botox is anywhere from $10- $18/unit

They offer several different types of fillers and depending on each person’s needs but fillers start at $400 and can go up to $900 (depending on area and what kind of look the patient desires). It’s best to schedule a consultation so you have an idea of what you need and the price it can range from!