Okay.. Let’s talk Babies….

So, we did a Q& A on Instagram stories yesterday and the most frequently asked question was, “Are you and John going to have babies… soon…)”

Oh babies. Trust me everyone around me is either trying for a baby, having a baby, or just had a baby. There’s no in between. I guess that’s what happens when you’re in your 30’s.

In all honesty,

this is a topic I thought I’d never share about this ‘cus it’s personal but here we are and I’m actually all for this because it’s been on my mind lately.

So for as long as I can remember I never had a strong urge or desire to have kids. In high school people would talk about how many kids they wanted when they grew up, I talked about how many dogs and bags I wanted (hah, my fashion desire was strong). Don’t get me wrong, I love kids. Just my desire wasn’t strong and right in front of me.

When John and I first met…

four years ago kids was something that obviously came up in conversation. On our 4th date, we start chatting about kids over a few glasses of wine. John was very honest and told me he didn’t have to have kids. It wasn’t something he ever felt that strongly about either growing up. We instantly bonded, even more, knowing we were both on the same page which is very important in any relationship marriage or dating.

Fast forward three years.

Crazy how things can change because now John and I absolutely want to have kids. We have this desire to work hard to provide the best for our future kids. Imagining how amazing John would be as a father and that makes me even more excited about having kids. We even joke all the time what traits are kids would have.  “Would the baby get your freckles”, “Would the baby get your crazy thick wavy hair”, “Hope the baby gets my brains”.. etc. Ya know?!

So what’s the hold up you ask?

I’m legit scared. I’m pretty terrified of the giving birth process. Having a baby, being pregnant, I can handle 100%. But I guess I’m just nervous about the giving birth part. I’ve talked to so many of my friends who have given birth. They all have different stories. Some great, some horrific. So trust me I heard it all but I’m always open to any advice or if you overcame this I’d love to hear from you.

It’s something I’m getting better about slowly so it’s just a step by step process. On one hand I’m educating myself thoroughly about giving birth and being prepared, and on the other hand, if I accidentally get pregnant there’s really no turning back (hah) so I guess it’s the chicken or the egg situation…

Well, hope you guys enjoyed reading this post!

See you on the Gram!