In September 2020 I started losing hair due to PP, and by October, I was going completely bald at my hairline & losing hair by the handful. It was out of control. My mom has very fine hair. She also lost a lot of hair during PP and then lost most of it during menopause so I knew genetically my hair wasn't going to be full forever either. Since I was desperate, I bought a hair micro-needling tool, tons of "hair growth" shampoos and supplements but I wasn't seeing any drastic changes. I saw that my friend Shalice was using modere collagen for hair growth and weight loss, and since it is expensive, I decided to buy a bunch during their black Friday sale. I bought 6 bottles (since it takes around 3 months to start noticing a difference) and figured, I had nothing to lose.

Fast forward three months, I was seeing an INSANE amount of new hair. New hair from places I didn't even have before pregnancy (not on my body just on my head, eyelashes, eyebrows). It was coming out of my neckline, sideburns, behind my ears, and the most obvious was my hairline was full AF.

Long story short, it's been a full year now, and my hair is just shiny, healthy, growing new patches all over plus growing in length at lightning speed (I actually cut my hair at home every two weeks 'cus I can't go to the salon as often). But the biggest side effect I noticed was that my skin was so plump, youthful, and tight. My lips are fuller, my cheekbones are higher, and for someone who is always in the sun, I barely have wrinkles. I was also dealing with joint discomfort in my back, and after taking collagen, the discomfort subsided completely (full transparency with joint discomfort, I notice when I skip my collagen, discomfort does come back but not as strong.) Literally, I feel like the fountain of youth inside and out!


1 tbsp LIFE a day

1 tbsp TRIM a day

= total 2 tbsp a day

If you're NOT planning on taking TRIM, then:

2 tbsp of LIFE day morning & night


+ 2 bottle of LIFE is one month supply

+ if you're taking TRIM, then 1 bottle of LIFE and 1 bottle of TRIM = one month supply

TRIM is tricky. It's not for everyone. It's not magic. This needs to be taken in conjunction with eating healthy and moving your body. I also feel like it works better for those who have more weight to shed at least from my experience. I gained 10 lbs from the pandemic. TRIM helped me lose 5 lbs fast. I did pilates 2x a week and ate clean 60% of the week. The last 5 lbs took longer to lose.

Now, if you're looking to maintain your weight but lean out, tone lean muscles, help control your appetite, hair growth, skin firmness, lubricate joints, then TRIM is amazing. That's what I'm using it for now! When you first start out with TRIM, start with the lean body system. After a few months, you can take TRIM bottles individually!

Here's what I take:

This is an investment:

First of all, it's not cheap. It's a premium product. They are award-winning multi-patented Collagen/HA Matrix Technology®, bioavailable, liquid form (which 98% absorption vs powder), 13 phytonutrient-rich superfoods + resveratrol. And while it's not cheap, if you refer friends you'll start getting free bottles and that is key! Everyone gets their own referral code and once you start seeing and feeling the difference, you'll want to tell your friends. Tell them to use your code (not mine) so you can get free bottles.

It's also a three-month commitment. I know, that's a long time but some people start seeing results in one month, some see it at 4 months. I feel it's worth investing in at three months + sign up for smart ship so you get a discount every month.

My referral code will get you $10 off code: "ELLENOR"

Again, linking the products I mentioned here. Make sure to remove the items you don't need:

Feel free to DM or Email me anytime with questions. I know it's a lot of information. I purchase my own bottles, I literally just tried it out on a whim last year as a guinea pig/experiment and I cannot tell you how much it has changed my life! You can also read others who are on modere in the screenshot above and below. I have literally 1000s of DMs daily of you guys telling me how life-changing it has been.

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