my top products i used in 2020

Since I was quarantined at home for most of 2020, I focused on skincare, minimized my make up routine, and my outfit choices were geared more towards comfort. I feel like in 2020 I didn’t experiment as much and just stuck with the products I really loved and worked for me.


Half of 2020, I struggled with cystic acne. Around September is when my skin finally cleared up and my skin went back to normal. 


  • when I had severe active acne I used this cleanser from Ren and it was the only thing that helped soothe my skin.
  • The cleanser I’m currently using is from SkinCeuticals, it really deep cleans your skin and tightens those pores. 


  • vitamin c: this is a holy grail of mine that I swear by and it hasn’t changed in years.
  • retinol: I used the Shani Darden one right after BF-ing since it’s nice and gentle, and then transitioned into a prescription one which is what I use now. 
  • brightening: lots of acne scars on my face, so I’ve been using this serum to help those post-acne dark spots.



  • I did try a few different SPFs but there were two that really stood out.
    • this Dermalogica was my favorite and will continue purchasing this one.
    • the other is from Biossance. This one is more moisturizing which was great since my skin was so dry. It can leave a very very slight, but something about it is super nice and hydrating. Sometimes you’re skin just needs extra love, that’s when I’ll reach for the biossance one! 

Obviously didn’t wear much makeup in 2020 ‘cus I had nowhere to go, no one to see but I did still use makeup. Also to note, my makeup changed in 2020. I no longer had perfect flawless skin, I had crazy ance with red bumps and scars all over so my makeup routine changed along with the products.  


  • since I could no longer wear “light coverage” thanks to my acne, I had to find a few new cc creams that were still light feeling but with more coverage. I LOVED it cosmetic cc cream in light-medium. Def a holy grail.


  • sometimes I don’t want to wear foundation so I’ll use this concealer as my foundation. It’s all clean ingredients, great coverage, skin-like finish. I’m in the shade 33. Also loved the Kosas concealer in shade 3.5 as well!




  • I love the hourglass one, but I didn’t want to spend a whole lot of money on eyebrow product since I wasn’t really going anywhere. I found this Maybeline one in shade blonde and soft brown to the best drug store eyebrow products out there. Stays on my brows all day!


  • I love a hint of color always on my lips because my lips naturally have zero pigment. My fave was kosas lip balm in rush and tarte juciy lip in strawberry, orchid, and grapefruit!

2020, I went from being in my 3rd trimester and then back to my normal size so I was kind of all over the place but I guess it didn’t even matter ‘cus I mostly wore pieces that were comfortable, lounge-y, and cozy regardless. Just gonna link my top worn pieces here for you since it’s pretty self-explanatory!