my basic guide to skincare

The most common question and comments I get are usually about skincare.

Stating the obvious but I’m not a professional by any means, I’m just an enthusiast that has been researching and testing out skincare for many years but if you have any concerns I’d recommend visiting a dermatologist to assess your skin if you’re unsure, I’m just sharing what has worked for me.

So here’s currently my every day routine:


  1. cleanser
  2. vitamin c
  3. moisturizer
  4. spf

For the most part, I keep it simple. Now, if I’m focusing on something, like if my skin needs extra TLC, (whether it’s wrinkles, dark spots, acne scars, tightening pores, more plump/volume, etc.) then I’ll add a serum that focuses on that. Right now my skin is in really great condition so I’m not using an added serum. Vitamin c really protects your skin and prevents damage so it’s a must for me, along with a SPF.


  1. cleanser
  2. double cleanse (if I wore makeup)
  3. alternate every other day either a retinol, AHA, BHA, or anti-aging serum (not all at once)

Night time is when I alternative different ingredients. I will usually do retinol 2-3x a week. The days I don’t use a retinol, I’ll either use AHA/BHA or just a luxe anti-aging serum.

Here’s an example:

Monday: retinol
Tuesday: anti-aging or hydrating serum
Wednesday: AHA
Thursday: anti-aging serum
Friday: retinol
Saturday: anti-aging serum
Sunday: AHA

My skin is resilient and strong so it can handle AHA and retinol one day a part but if your skin is sensitive I would space out the days you use retinol and AHA.

Ingredients I love:

+ Vitamin C: Brightens, works on hyperpigmentation, protects you from sun damage (sun=wrinkles), hydrates, boost collagen.
+ Retinol: The holy grail ingredient for anti-aging. It’s the only ingredient that is proven to reverse aging skin. (Tretinoin is only available through prescription and it’s what I would 100% recommend)
+ Serums: Serums are the key to specifically focus on your needs/targets. If I’m struggling with acne scars, I’ll use a serum to combat it, if I want something to hydrate and firm, I’ll use a serum for that.

If you’re interested in all the skincare products I love/recommend for your routine you can check out this post that goes into detail along with my review or more skincare related blog posts here.