My Favorite House Plants.

Berda Paradise:

I got my Berda Paradise plant on sale because it was dying but I knew I could revive it with some TLC. I love how tropical it makes my living room feel and I have to say, it is my favorite plant and one of the easiest to take care of.

Rubber Tree:

I keep this in my bedroom and I love how it pairs with my room decor! This plant requires very little attention, including a good balance of light and shade. It needs to be housed in a well-drained environment but still kept moist on a regular basis. Be careful not to water it too much, or the leaves will yellow and then fall off!

Fiddle Leaf Tree:

This is by far the biggest plant I own and I got mine in Chinatown for around $100 plus free delivery. I keep it in the sunniest part of my house because it requires a lot of sunlight. And I also changed out the pot that it came in and added rocks at the bottom for a better drainage system.

Fiddle Leaf Tree:

This plant is a super-common indoor house plant. It just needs lots of sunlight, so make sure it’s by a window. I got mine at Whole Foods for $50 and definitely overpaid so I recommend buying it in downtown/Chinatown!

Pothos Plant:

I got this plant specifically for my bookcase in my living room. It’s not the most ideal area but I goes well with my bookcase so, whatever. This plant needs a lot of water and sunlight. This would also be cute in a bathroom too!


These are always a household favorite no matter where I am! Succulents themselves need very little water to sustain themselves. Don’t overwater them which was my mistake at first. I now literally water them every 6 months. They thrive on no water. Trust me. They do require lots of sunlight as well.