Importance of Hair Care

Importance of Hair care

You guys know my hair is my THING, right?! I’m obsessed with my hair and I have no shame about it. And although hair isn’t considered skincare I treat my mane the same way I treat my face. Hair care is equally as important to me and as crazy as that may seem it’s also just necessary. Honestly, after turning 30, my hair just hasn’t been the same. It doesn’t grow as fast or as strong as it used to.

So at this point, I can say that I’m pretty picky when it comes to hair products. And not picky in a bad way, but in a more serious way. I’m always trying new hair products and seeing if I feel and see any results before sharing my thoughts with you guys. Now I’ve heard some amazing things about Ovation Hair from friends so I was excited to partner with them. So here we are two months in after using the Ovation Hair Trial Set, which comes with their Color Therapy Shampoo, Color Therapy Conditioner, and Cell Therapy Hair & Scalp Treatment.

After using this trio for two months, my hair condition has seriously improved. The shampoo is perfect for color treated hair as it gently cleanses while protecting my hair color. And the conditioner makes my hair soft and feeling hydrated.

Since I regularly bleach my hair and heat style it daily, my hair has gone through a ton of breakage. One of the biggest changes I saw was my hair becoming stronger. My hair started to feel a little bit thicker and stronger when I was brushing it. Now is this product a miracle worker? Of course not. I don’t think anything is, but it’s been working for my hair and that’s all I really need – products that actually work!  If you guys are interested in trying this Ovation Hair Trial Set I’ll leave the link here

With summer in full swing, make sure you guys are nourishing your hair and keeping it healthy! Till next time!