Favorite Corners at Home

There are so many favorite areas in my house that I love and spend the most time in. Since my home is also my work space, it was important to also to chose furniture that also made sense.

Although I have an office, I work out of my dining room. It has the most natural light where I feel most open and creative. I love working on my Russell Dining Table (I have the color ASH) but it’s also super complimentary to the small open dining room and the perfect size for when we have guests. These Sylmar Side Chairs go perfectly with the dining table and I can also sit on them for hours and not be uncomfortable.

Another space I love in our home is the front in front of our large windows. After a long days work, I’ll always take some time to myself and sit on our beautiful accent chairs and stare into the sky, read a book, or sometimes just take a nap! Whatever I do, I love taking the time to myself and relaxing.

Thank you Apt2b for making our home so cozy!