Coachella Overview


So many of you guys asked me to do a Coachella overview which I wasn’t planning to do since honestly, I think the whole world is over even the word “COACHELLA” but hey you guys requested so here are my recaps on my first Coachella experience:

  1. Coachella isn’t AS crazy as people say it is. People love to over exaggerate saying how crazy traffic is, how far the walk to the festival is, how expensive it is, etc. but it’s not that bad. Traffic is nothing compared to LA traffic so we survived just fine. Coachella has everything under control. From the planning to coordinating thousands of human beings from location to location, they got their shit together. I was fully impressed.
  2. Because I’m a foodie my favorite food in the festival was Spicy Pizza. Look for it, you won’t regret it!
  3. Get a shuttle pass. That is KEY! And leave during the last song to avoid crazy lines. There were way more shuttles that I could have ever imaged. They really took care of business shuttling people to hotels/locations. Our hotel wasn’t part of the hotel drop-off list, so we parked our car at the location and drove to our hotel after which was less than 5 mins away.
  4. Use LYFT- Lyft was almost 50% cheaper most of the time we used it. Not many people use Lyft so the prices were way cheaper!
  5. If you’re a blogger/influencer go the weekend before to shoot content. This will save you time and stress during the actual weekend. That’s what I did and I had 50% fewer outfits to worry about!
  6.  Events are fun but impossible to attend them all. I aimed for three events a day. My sponsored events were obviously priority and then I just filtered to what sounded the most fun. Tip: Revolve party is way calmer on Sunday. You’ll have a better experience in my opinion where there aren’t 5,000 people trying to get through. You’ll also get a better photo like this one with fewer people all in the background!
  7. The festival itself is filled with people taking OOTD photos in front of the Ferris Wheel. It’s kind of gross, everywhere you turn is a camera but whatever I was one of those too. Yeah, I’m gross too.
  8. Book your room early, get your tickets early. I mean.. do I even need to point this out?
  9. If you have an American Express card, go to the AMEX house inside Coachella. The drink line is way shorter, plus it’s clean and cool inside. tons of chairs and games to hang out in until the shows start.
  10. Bathrooms weren’t ideal. They’re all porta potties. So just wear a bandana around your nose and mouth and just get it done.
  11.  Speaking of… wear a bandana over your mouth and nose at all times. The dust is NO joke. It gets worse with so many people around dancing, smoking, etc. so wear it and protect your lungs!
  12. Go with friends that are easy going and FUN! Your experience also depends on the people you’re with. We had the best time with our favorite married couple. So regardless of the events or performances, I knew we would have the time of our life!

Hope you guys enjoyed a few recaps of my first Coachella trip. I said this would be my first and last, but I totally take it back. I’m going every year that I possibly can, hubby too!