2022 Blog Updates

sweater is linked in my shop page

Hi Friends!!

Wanted to re-introduce you guys to my blog. I know, blogs seem so 2009 but honestly I feel they’re making a comeback. Why? Because I think we’re all getting a little burnt out of the overload of posts, stories, videos, ads, reels, tik toks, and just social media in general. Most of the time when I open any social media app, I get lost and end up wasting a lot of time mindless scrolling, and while it’s not a bad thing, my brain can feel fried at the end of the day.

So I really want to try to organize the way I share my content and keep things as refined, clear, and easy for you guys. Don’t worry there will still be lots of cooking, Cassian, in the moment stories & ig posts but when it comes to helping you shopping or sharing products/links I want you to be able to refer back to my blog as a resource. 

Things to note:

My shop page is where I’ve been spending most of my time at. If you scroll up to the navigation bar at the top of my blog you’ll see “shop”.

There you’ll see the “style shop” where I will be updating with products that I’m currently eyeing or have recently purchased. As much as I love doing video hauls (which I still will), it’s impossible for me to buy EVERYTHING that I feel worth noting so that will be a place where I will be intentionally curating items that I feel strongly about. Key word here is intentional, I will and have never just add products just because.

I also added my closet essentials which is basically things in my closet that I feel are the foundations to my core style. This page will be great for you to refer back to at any time!

Will also be adding something called a “Skincare Counter”. This page will basically go into detail about skincare products I cannot live without… it will be coming soon!

Lastly, I’ll be updating key moments I share on stories on my blog regularly. Stories are fleeting, so I’ll be sure for those key moments on my stories to convert them into blog posts so you can, again, refer back.

I promise to keep blog posts short & sweet so they’re easy to digest.

Ok yay excited, talk soon xx