Age is just a number.

You know what’s been on my mind lately?….. Babies!No, not that I want any anytime soon but everyone around keeps asking, insisting, urging all because of my age. It’s like people think once you turn 30, women just start to expire. This perception of women “expiring” is definitely not a new topic. I mean… it’s almost a social norm that you have to be married early in your 20’s and have a baby before you’re 30 and it’s, to be frank, annoying that these are the social norms.

It’s the pressure more than anything that women face all around the world. We feel like we have to achieve specific goals by a certain age in order to fulfill the world’s expectations.

For this post, I’m excited to partner with SK-II and highlight their new film ‘The Expiry Date.’ This film is based around women that feel they are born with an expiration date. The beauty of this campaign aims to show that women aren’t alone in facing these types of pressures. This film motivated me to share my own experience in hopes that we can learn and support one another. We aren’t in this alone!

Whether it’s kids, career, or marriage, feeling pressured to meet the world’s standard isn’t how things should be, IMO. For me, I’ve really come to embrace this liberation and finding happiness in my age and whatever stage I’m in. Honestly, 29 was great, but 30 thus far has been even better, heck I even threw a huge party to celebrate. Hope this post encourages you to liberate yourself at whatever age!
SK-II ‘The Expiry Date’ video below:

In partnership with SK-ll