Mother’s Day gift guide


Mother’s Day guide here we go!

  1. Anthropologie Candles. Perfect bundle of candles that won’t break the bank.
  2. Cheese Platter. My mom loves to entertain. She always has guests over so for those mother’s who love to entertain, why not gift them a beautiful platter for fruit or cheese!
  3. A cute cozy throw. Something my MIL would love!
  4. Food Storage Containers. Korean parents are obsessed with Tupperware so this would be an upgraded version of what I always see in my parent’s fridge.
  5. Floral printed P.J. set. Mom’s love loungewear more than you know.
  6. Luxe silky sleep masks. Something that most people don’t buy for themselves!
  7. Soft Luxe Bathrobe. Another item that you never know you need until you have one. They are seriously so soft, comfortable and easy to wear around the house. It may be something your mom may already have so this particular one would be her upgraded robe!
  8. Fuzzy Slippers. Got my MIL these cute fuzzy slippers last Christmas and she loves them. Perfect for running errands or around the house.
  9.  Locket Necklace. This is what I got my mom! We put a photo of our family in hers! It’s personal, customized, and super special for Mother’s Day.
  10. Kate Spade Floral Handbag. This trendy floral bag will definitely be a statement piece for the upcoming Summer season. Perfect for the fashionista moms!
  11. Jade roller. So many benefits… you already know thou.
  12. Suitcase. Hey, mom’s travel too and they also need a cute, practical suitcase. My mom hasn’t changed her suitcase since the 80’s so I think it’s time for a major upgrade. This is such an ideal gift since most parents would never buy suitcases for themselves.
  13. The Nuface! YES. If she’s a skincare enthusiast, then she will love this.
  14. La Mer Moisturizer. Perfect time to splurge on a little La Mer for your mom or MIL. This is a no-brainer, you can’t go wrong.
  15. Dyson Air purifier. Now, this is the most expensive item in my guide but it’s probably the most useful and necessary.
  16. This Lancome makeup set is ridiculous. This gift set includes two lipsticks, eyeshadows, blush, bronzer, highlight, mascara, eyeliner and all for under $40!
  17. Drunk Elephant Babyfacial Moisturizer. Leaves your face feeling like a baby’s butt. My mom LOVES this stuff and I do too!
  18.  Last but not least- Essential oil diffuser. This is the most relaxing, stress relieving, calming device ever.